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$100 Bonus Terms and Conditions
  • Must do at least 15 UNIQUE sales within two months from your very first sale.
  • Promotion starts on the date of your first sale. (First sale date must be on or after May 12, 2015)
  • Sales do not count if they cancel or refund the order at a later time.
  • You may not do any of the 15 sales yourself, using your affiliate id, and then cancel/refund the orders on purpose at a later date.
  • All bonus payments will be made through PayPal. To claim your bonus, send us an email to contact (AT) with your click2sell id, your country and state where you are from, and your PayPal email address. We will send you the $100 bonus via PayPal within 1 week.
  • You may only claim the $100 bonus once. (ie.. you cannot get multiple $100 bonuses using other click2sell ids)
  • We reserve the right to deny any bonus coming from fraudulent behavior

Pick Your Preferred Promotional Method

If you would like to make some extra dough, along with your game testing income, you may be interested in promoting the Become A Game Tester.

For every new customer you refer to us we will pay you 75% of the sale price.

How to Start Promoting "Become A Game Tester":

1.  If you would like to become an affiliate, please sign up for a free account at Then, simply place your Click2sell username into our Click2sell affiliate link. Simply insert your Click2sell ID into the below link and start referring traffic:  

2.  Already have a click2sell, simply find our click2sell affiliate page here

3.  Now place your unique link in your ads, see our banners and other promotional material below.  To get you started, we added a bunch of material that will help you making money promoting become a game tester! Feel free to use it for your campaigns.

Email Swipes

We have created some of the highest converting email swipes in the industry. Just swap in your click2sell affiliate link into the emails, and mail your list with one of these high converting emails.

Text Email:

You must provide an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email as well as an address. Please follow all applicable laws when emailing. Remember, spamming is strictly prohibited and illegal.

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Split Test with Different Price Points

Split Test our product using 3 different price points, use the following urls to promote with different price points:

$47 Price Point:

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Link Directly to Checkout Page

If you presell the product, you can also try to link directly to the checkout page by adding /?checkout to the end of any of the price point links:

$47 Price Point:

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Text Link Ads

Replace your Click2sell ID in the link below with YourAFFILIATEID.
Then Copy and Paste the affiliate text link into your website.

<a href=>Become A Game Tester Today!</a>



Banner Code: <a href=><img src=></a>

250x250 Banner

Banner Code: <a href=><img src=></a>

468x60 Banner

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728x90 Banner

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Alternate gif Code: If you cannot display png images on your site, simply change png to gif for any of the banners




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Advertise on Search Engines through Google Adwords or Microsoft adCenter.

Sample Keywords:


Top Affiliate Ultimate Blowout Tip:
I wasn't going to share this in the open because it has been working so good for some of our top affiliates, but decided it wasn't fair to keep it a secret any longer. Hopefully this will help our new affiliates that are struggling to make their first few sales.

Make a Video of the Top 5 or 10 video game glitches and Promote your affiliate link through youtube or other video submission sites. (Don't know how to make a video clip of glitches. No problem, see hint in blue box below to get it done for $5)

Example of Videos that have gone viral below. Imagine getting this type of traffic to your affiliate link (our top affiliates convert at less than 100 hops per order, I will let you do the math on how many sales you can make).

9,400,000+ Highly Targeted Views
GTA 4 - Bloopers, Glitches & Silly Stuff 2

6,400,000+ Highly Targeted Views
Top 10 Glitches of all time

2,800,000+ Highly Targeted Views
Call of Duty Black Ops Scary Glitch / Bug

1,000,000 + Highly Targeted Views
The Funniest Video Game Glitches and bugs

HINT: How to get a video made on the cheap

How to create a video of gltiches for $5?

Go over to fiverr here and get someone to make a video clip for you.

Facebook / Twitter

***HOT RIGHT NOW***: Post a video clip of a video game glitch to facebook or twitter with your affiliate link and watch it go viral, remember to add a catchy title to your videos (See hint above to get a video made for $5)

Affiliate Pop Under Link Code

This code below will pop up a copy of our site using your affiliate id in someone's browser. They will not see it happen, it will just load directly into their browser in another tab (or browser).
  • Be sure to replace the bold Click2sell ID in the link below if it doesn't appear already
  • Copy and paste the affiliate text link code into your website between the <HEAD> </HEAD> tags in your code

<script language="JavaScript">
var popunder=""
function loadpopunder(){

Other Ways To Promote
  • Write an article and submit to article submission sites such as Ezinearticles
  • Answer Questions at Yahoo Answers
  • Make a post on your current blog
  • Include your affiliate link in your signature of your emails
  • Post on forums and message boards
  • Include affiliate link in your forum signature
  • Post to your facebook account
  • Tweet your affiliate link to your followers

Feel free to contact us for questions related to Become A Game Tester please use the contact link

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