Things You Must Know To Become A Game Tester

Sure you have probably read all the different stories and sales letters out there on the Internet that tell you that they can make you a game tester earning $100,000 a year without any type of experience or education. But, do you really believe this? Of course, not. Game testing is a real job, with real requirements and real pay - not $100,000 a year. There are some things that you will need to know and have experience with before you can become a video or computer game tester. So, here are the top four things that you will need to know before you apply for a game tester job:

1. You have to know how to test software. When I say “software”, I mean any type of software out there since different games will run on different types of platforms. You will have to know how to test software to get any type of game testing job no matter if you only want to test video games or computer games. By knowing how to test all types of software, you are almost guaranteed to get a better paying game tester job.

2. You have to know game programming languages. This means that you will have to learn all the jargon of the game development world, along with some basic computer language, such as C or C++, to help you truly understand the different things that are going on in the game. You can learn most of these different types of languages from online courses or from local schools.

3. You have to have a good working knowledge of PC hardware and software. This means that even if you want to be a video game tester, you will need to know how to work with computers and be familiar with everything about them. You will need to know different programs as well, such as databases, spreadsheets, and word documents.

4. You have to have a good working knowledge of the video or computer game industry. This does not mean that you need to know what titles are releasing next month, but you need to know how the developers go about designing a game, how the programmers, artists, composers, and others do their part of the game and so on. This will require that you do some studying on your own, and most of this knowledge you will expand upon after you get a game testing position.

Well, there you have it. The top four things that every game tester needs to know before landing a job testing video or computer games. It is not an easy process, and if you are really serious about making it as a game tester, then you may need to take a couple of classes online or off line to gain the skills that you need to succeed in getting a good game tester job. Of course, there are other aspects that go into getting a game tester position. When you are ready to learn all about becoming a video game tester, you can find a full course at